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Top 5: Best Japanese Used Cars

So you're looking for a Japanese Car - specifically Japanese cars from the auctions here in Japan. Maybe for your stock, maybe for a customer.

We run down the Top 5 Japanese used cars from our last shipment based on volume - this edition is focused on our United Kingdom market.

1: Toyota Estima:

The Estima proves to be a valued car in our constant searches for clean examples when searching for stock on behalf of our customers. Good spec at an even better value - The Estima is sure to come up in future ''TOP'' lists! #toyotaestima

2: Nissan Elgrand:

Staying with the MVP style of vehicles, the Nissan Elgrand, another model that we expect to see in multiple upcoming ''TOP'' lists. From the earlier models such as the example above through to current models, it's a mainstay for our client list. #nissanelgrand

3: Toyota Alphard:

Toyota bag another entry on the list, and it's not surprising that the Elgrand should be followed by its competition - the Toyota Alphard!. Like Nissan, it provides great value across the many variations, and with so many to choose from at the auction, it's a go-to vehicle for us. #toyotaalphard

4: Mazda Bongo

Mazda doesn't lye down on this current list and steps up with the Bongo, another multi-person carrier. Strap all you need down onto the roof-rack, and off you go for adventures to be had. #mazdabongo

5: Benz V350

Mercedes always push the fight, whether it's in F1 or here in this Top-5 list, as they enter with the Benz V350 - Yes, yawn, another multi-person carrier. The car auctions here in Japan are filled with the best of the best from Japanese manufacturers, but there are multiple western branded units that can be bought for excellent re-sale value and in great condition. #benzv350

So that's it for this version of our ''Top-5'' list of recent exports to the United Kingdom, we'll be back with other editions of this article, both for the U.K. and for other regions that we ship to on a monthly basis.

If you are a used car dealer, either with experience, it even if you are just getting started - then reach out to us if we can offer any information or value to your business - we'd love to hear from you.

See you all again soon.


Auto Portal Co, Ltd.

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