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How to Read a Japanese Auction Sheet..

One of the most common thoughts when our customers look for used cars via Japanese car auction, and a popular theme we covered on one of our most read blog posts previously (https://www.autoportal.co.jp/post/how-to-read-an-auction-sheet)

We'll continue that by covering some random/additional vehicles and so you can also understand more when you are also attempting to read a Japanese auction sheet.

Today's example is 2008 Toyota Alphard one of our customers asked us to check upon and let them know the condition. Please note, to protect the auction and sensitive information the kilometers, auction number, and chassis code have been edited to that effect.

Aside from the mileage we look to the man information written on the sheet as well as the markers on the diagram.

The text advises us that there are stains, scratches to the shift knob, damage to the center console, and wear/scratches to the rear spoiler - information you may not be able to know about unless you have our assistance.

Moving over to the diagram there are further indicators to signify that both side rear doors have been replaced, there are a few very small/minor uneven paint spots on more than one panel, and there are a few additional scratches and dimple dents on the body.

In this instance our customer chose not to move further forward with this unit, but indeed go ahead and bid on some more cleaner examples on that day.

Should the information have provided a better example, of course our inspection team at this (and many of) the auctions can then check the unit in person and provide more photos and mechanical checks so our customer can then make a more informed decision on their bid.

These are all standard processes for our amazing customer base as we work with them in various countries around the world, we hope that you may also wish to work with us to obtain good used Japanese cars from auction.

We've over 16 years experience in the trade and the export of cars from us in Japan, and we look forward to working with you.

If you have any questions about auctions, you can contact us here: info@autoportal.co.jp

Or click on the homepage and simply fill in the contact form.

ARE YOU A USED CAR DEALER? - Either new or just looking to get started, then fill in our 'dealer' sheet (CLICK HERE) And one of our experienced staff will contact and answer any questions you have to help you get started and purchasing from Japanese car auctions in no time.

Have a great day.

Auto Portal Co, Ltd.

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