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Japanese obscure cars - SUBARU SVX

Hello, how are you - We hope you are all healthy and safe during these difficult times around the world. We return today with another example of obscure cars we see in Japanese Car Auctions, especially those that may be a little more obscure.

Today we highlight the Subaru SVX!.

The SVX was a coupe introduced by Subaru and manufactured between 1991 ~ 1996 powered by a 3.3L, 4-speed automatic transmission.

Possibly the most notable aspect of this model was its window-within-a-window style which at the time Subaru described as an "aircraft-inspired glass-to-glass canopy."

Initial sales on the model both at home here in Japan and abroad were very good, but within its home territory, it started to become affected by the bubble economy of the '90s and thus in the mid-nineties, production finished, but sales of the remaining chassis continued into the following few years.

Rally enthusiasts remember the model for slightly different reasons as in 1991, an SVX that was driven by Kevin Knight and Bob Dart won the Alcan Rally, which was a race from the city of Seattle in the U.S.A to the Arctic Circle and back - no mean feat.

All in all, it remains a requested model from some of our customers around the globe.

We hope you enjoyed the quick snippet back into Japan's automotive history once more. We'll have more to come.

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