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Who is Auto Portal Co, Ltd?

Hello and welcome to the new 'Auto Blog' from us here at Auto Portal Co, Ltd. So ''Who is Auto Portal Co, Ltd..?'' you may ask..

Well, Back in 2006 - Six founding members came together to start the business. From that very time the company has grown year on year and is proud to be able to export hundreds of vehicles every month to our trusted dealers on all continents around the globe.

Regardless of the type of vehicle, we work with our customers to assess the thousands of units available every week at auction, and support them with the purchase and export of those same cars.


The Auto Portal Co, Ltd head office is located in Izumiotsu-City in the Osaka Prefecture of Japan. A short drive from major auction houses like USS Osaka, and HAA Kobe. Our team and contacts though are situated through all Japan - giving us the much needed feedback and inspections on the cars our customers express an interest in.

Should you be visiting Japan and the Osaka area, we are also based just a short drive from the (KIX) Kansai International Airport where we often receive our customers whom fly in and attend the auction house with us to first hand take in the the experience of Japanese car auctions.


Working with us is easy, head over to the 'become a dealer' option on the website here and submit some very easy details. We'll connect with you to discuss the type of units you may be looking to secure and we'll provide a login for you to access the auction website so you have the ease of looking through the thousands of upcoming auctions.

Thank you for reading more about our business, we look forward to speaking with you soon.

Auto Portal Co, Ltd.

6-1 Nagisa-Cho,

Izumiotsu City,




JUMVEA Registered number: 000441

Corporate number: 7120101043656 

E: info@autoportal.co.jp

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