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Japanese obscure cars - NISSAN S-CARGO

Hello, welcome back one more.

Today a quick snippet into one of those obscure cars you may have only seen once or twice if lucky, or perhaps one you never knew existed. One of the Japanese used cars we sometimes get requested to purchase from Japanese car auctions.

Today's subject is the Nissan S-Cargo:

Above is a 1990, 1.5L, Yellow model on the S-Cargo at a recent USS Tokyo auction.

A small van, with retro style than was manufactured between 1989 ~ 1991. The car debuted at the '89 Tokyo Auto Show, and 8,000 units were made during it's run.

The S-Cargo was equipped with a 1.5 L E15S 4-cylinder petrol/gasoline engine, a 3-speed automatic transmission, and air conditioning. It was based on the B11 Station Nissan Sunny.

So whether you're looking for an eye-catching model for your forecourt, or perhaps to turn heads on the street in your local town as your personal car, we'd love to hear from if you'd like to try and secure one from the car auctions.

Back soon with another obscure model to view.

Auto Portal Co, Ltd.

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