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How to buy used cars from Japan?

Hello everyone, welcome.

''How do I buy used cars from japan..?'' - Perhaps the most common question when a dealer, either new or established, is looking to expand into the business of importing used cars from Japan.

Luckily though here at Auto Portal, we really try to make that as easy as possible, let's take a quick guide through the process which is indeed, very simple and smooth and aims to support you.

1 - Things can move very quickly from the moment you reach our website, a quickfire sign up with some brief details gets the process moving.

2 - An agent will then contact you to establish a more formal connection between you and us and welcome you to our Auto Portal family... A quick chat is all that's needed to just understand the types of cars you may require and answer any initial questions you may have..

3 - We can then create you a login so that you can easily view the thousands of used cars that are available to bid on each and every week here in Japan.

4 - After your initial deposit is confirmed, we're ready to go and we'll provide inspections and bidding on the cars you require for your stock or customers' needs..

5 - Once the cars arrive from the auction house to our port holding and the balance is paid, the cars are shipped A.S.A.P and the paperwork is fast-tracked to you so you have everything required to receive them in your country..

6 - Then wait for the smiles on the happy faces of your customers once they completed their purchase with you.

At Auto Portal, we ship hundreds of cars each month with partners located in four corners of the globe, our team since 2006 are dedicated to providing you the best service we can. We look forward to welcoming you into our family.

Auto Portal Co, Ltd.

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